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Who we are

AFG is a talent technology company in Africa that focuses on developing innovative products and services to accelerate private sector development on the continent. At AFG, we aim to build African people and companies into global champions through technology and networks. Our company is known for three brands: African Hidden Champions, which is the top scaling platform for African mid-sized businesses to grow into global companies; Peralta, a managed marketplace for placing top talent with businesses across the continent; and AHEAD, a training community of top empowered young African professionals, including the diaspora.

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Our flagship programme to support the growth of African hidden champion companies into global multinationals together with top partners.
Online marketplace for clients to hire a remote team of top African freelancers they trust to solve any business problem.

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Training community of conscious business leaders from across Africa who are ready to transform businesses on the continent.

The AFG story

AFG was founded by Yasmin Kumi, a German-Ghanaian entrepreneur, in 2016 to bridge the talent gap for homegrown African companies. Starting from Ghana, the business rapidly grew to serve a large base of clients and candidates looking to advance the private sector of the continent with the objective to support the creation of at least 250,000 jobs in Africa. People working at AFG operate based on 6 key principles:
Everyone is a leader: Own your work and development
Drive your client: Support the realization of their mission
Impact first: Make AFG great, make the continent great
never give up
We never give up: Practice makes perfect
Promote excellence: Mediocrity is not an option
Courageous problem-solving Think ahead, give it a shot
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Track Record

track record
AFG has worked with leading African companies, investment funds, and development agencies across the continent to harness the potential of their resources for shared growth and development. Since 2016, AFG has collaborated with more than 100 organizations to create impact for Africa’s private sector. We have created more than 900 job opportunities for talent across Africa since we started our journey. Our company focuses on supporting the growth of sustainable industries that drive local economic value-addition on the continent.
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