My AFG Experience – Kristin

My AFG Experience – Kristin

I first heard about Africa Foresight Group when it was an idea. Yasmin and I had connected during our time at Oxford and had a chance to speak about an idea she was incubating.  

Fast forward months later, I learned two important things – Yasmin was an executor and a leader. Within less than 2 years of our conversations about the AFG idea at Oxford, I was working as a freelancer on AFG projects.  

It was exciting to be able to do this because I genuinely felt that no one was doing what AFG did with the level of ethical commitment and intentionality that I felt was important for me in an organisation.  

This still remains true at AFG today, five years later.  

I have always been passionate about helping venture leaders leverage technology, business frameworks and research to enhance company growth and resilience. Over the past 10 years, my career has been shaped by my ability to design and execute projects that sharpened strategy, facilitated market entry and cultivated strong value networks. 

 A substantive part of my learning has been facilitated by the opportunities that AFG created for me as a freelancer in the talent pool. AFG’s approach to developing and managing expertise leverages the right combination of skills development, flexibility and community attractive to people like myself who value freedom, growth and contribution.  

Both within AFG’s internal team and talent pool, I have been privileged to work with an amazing team of individuals committed to a clear set of values and goals. As such, first and foremost, I think of AFG as a critical vehicle for the connection of high-quality talent to venture builders for the making of African Global Champions. 

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