My AFG Experience – Ojiugo

My AFG Experience – Ojiugo

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I started my first project with AFG in mid-October of 2020. So it has been a year and four months – and what a time! If I was asked to summarize my time in the AFG pool in three words, I’d say – stimulating, flexible and communal.

I’ve gotten to work on exciting projects and take on new challenges. Because we are working in a team and have easy access to world-class experts and other freelancers, this has meant that I can take on more complex projects that are inaccessible to a sole independent consultant. AFG takes care of developing clients and sourcing a stellar team from their talent pool. This allows me and other freelancers to focus on solving the client’s complex and interesting problem. Through the dynamic projects at AFG, I have gotten the chance to flex my existing modelling skills while also developing workshop planning and facilitation skills.   

My experience with AFG has also been very flexible. I joined the pool when I was intentionally taking a break from full-time employment. I needed time to assess my next steps and direction in life critically. Would I be going to graduate school for policy or business? Continuing work in the civic engagement space? Breaking into finance, going back to full time consulting, or something else? There were a lot of unknowns in my life at the time, and I needed a break to reflect, regroup and try different things and personal projects without the long-term commitment. I left a full-time job in the middle of 2020 and a pandemic. Despite having savings to tide me over for a while, there were also the quintessential questions from family members – “how will you put food on the table”. Joining the AFG pool enabled me to take the time I needed, retain control of my schedule (by allowing me to choose when and what I worked on), and make it a tad easier to answer the questions coming my way!  

Finally – the AFG community! I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people across the continent.   

  • Vibing and crunching on work with a cross-continental team while my housemate wonders why I’m laughing so loudly into my computer while ‘working’? Check.   
  • Working under and picking up tips from senior and seasoned managers and partners? Check   
  • Getting to lead and learn from teams of fire 🔥 Next Generation analysts? Check  
  • Making new friends and contacts? Check 

Stimulating, flexible and communal – the concise description of my last year with AFG.   

I co-founded a startup in Q4 last year. I couldn’t commit as much time to freelance consulting as I would have loved. The flexibility of AFG still allowed me to work on super short 3 to 5-day projects when possible, thus allowing me to keep engaging on stimulating projects with the great community. As I leave the AFG freelance pool to focus entirely on my startup, I look forward to joining the alumni network.  

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