My AFG Experience – Siphe

My AFG Experience – Siphe

Siphe Kala 2 scaledBeing a freelancer has its pros and cons. Pros: you have control of your own time; cons: you have extreme income instability. Joining the AFG pool of freelancers has helped me manage the cons whilst maximising the benefits.

I am Siphe and I have been a freelance management consultant for the last 6 years working across various fields and countries. I started freelance consulting to generate income whiles trying to figure out my next move after I left McKinsey. In that time, I have pursued multiple business ventures and still consider myself a serial entrepreneur foremost. Currently, I am building up a data monetization start-up focused on telcos, financial services, and retail data monetization across Africa. Freelancing gives me the freedom to pursue these projects and still generate an income to support myself.

I am at a project manager level and can lead projects end to end. One of the biggest challenges I faced in my time as a freelancer was maintaining a sustainable pipeline of projects. It was always a mad scramble of going from too many projects to no projects for long periods, and this mad scramble often resulted in me taking projects that are not interesting to me for the sake of managing cash flow.

I joined AFG in 2019 and, since then, have been “staffed” back-to-back, on interesting missions with no personal pipeline concerns. The AFG infrastructure takes care of all admin-related issues of being a freelance consultant and provides a community of like-minded people to interact with. You get to have the flexibility of a freelancer: you can still choose which missions you would like to take and can take time off, slow down or ramp up as you like whilst also having the support of being part of an organisation: complete with “pseudo-colleagues” and people to support with coaching and training in your journey as a consultant.

AFG’s projects have been highly engaging and varied, from supporting start-ups with pitch decks to supporting listed companies with developing strategies and everything in between. As a project manager (Mission Lead) I am typically managing more than one project at a time and the number of projects I take on is completely up to me: a decision I make based on my appetite, energy levels, and capacity from my entrepreneurship ventures. I have also met and coached the most amazing young people and received coaching from amazing partners to help hone and improve my consulting skills.

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