My NextGen Experience – Adjoa

My NextGen Experience – Adjoa

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I vividly remember my first month of training at AFG like it was yesterday. It was an exciting and fast-paced month that passed by like a whirlwind. My highlights – introducing my Kenyan and Nigerian colleagues to plantain and beans and other delectable Ghanaian goodness, excellent sessions with professionals who took us through the nuances of communication, and of course, getting to bond with senior management personnel in our engagement activities.

Today, ten months and some down the line, I am so glad I decided to work as a business analyst at AFG. As far back as my junior year of undergrad, consulting was the buzzword for all Econ majors, including me.  Every rising senior wanted to land a consulting job, and understandably so – impact: granted, travel opportunities, check, a chance to grow: 100%.  However, post-graduation, I explored different options, mainly in Ghana’s public sector, which left me longing for a refreshing new experience that would stretch me. This NextGen experience has done precisely that.  

Working at AFG has given me firsthand experience of the crazy hours, PowerPoint presentation development skills, and intense problem solving that consulting entails. I have been challenged to dig deeper when problem-solving, improve my communication skills and embrace financial modelling (still a work in progress, by the way). I strive to achieve these while working with some of the smartest, innovative and down-to-earth colleagues from all over Africa. The game-changer about AFG, for me, then, is hands down the people factor. I have found that my senior colleagues on every engagement are genuinely passionate about the development and growth of team members – investing time and offering constructive feedback to help me and my fellow Nextgeners along our career journey.

It has been a wild year and two months since I began my NextGen journey with AFG, and I am excited to see how the rest of this journey unfolds. 

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