My NextGen Experience – Omolara

My NextGen Experience – Omolara

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AFG is my first post-service experience. I resumed AFG three days after finishing my national service in Nigeria. I applied to join the second cohort of AFG’s NextGen program because I was looking for something more challenging and unique at the time and consulting seemed to fit the bill. 

I only got into the program on my second application, lo and behold! I got selected to be a part of the second cohort of AFG’s NextGen program. This cohort consisted of myself and 3 other amazing ladies.

The application process was very structured and thorough; I enjoyed every bit of it. The information session was beneficial as it gave all applicants a sense of what the company does, what the NextGen program was about and what to expect from the recruitment process.

I had to travel to Ghana for a 2-week long in-class training. It was my first-time visiting Ghana. It was a wonderful experience, from the people to the varieties of food and to the serene environment; it was an absolutely fabulous experience.  

We took part in different learnings and practical tasks during the in-class training. The learning process was fun; I remember visiting various malls to complete a market study and a practical presentation session with a television personality.

My favourite part of my stay in Ghana was when the NextGen Analysts had dinner with the management team; it was a fun-filled night!  

My experience working at AFG has been a good one as the entire team has been welcoming, kind and helpful. At AFG, I get to work with people from all walks of life, which I enjoy about the job because these people actually care about your perspective regardless of your position at the company 

Every engagement at AFG has been a learning phase for me. I get to work on exciting sectors in different African countries. The work we do at AFG involves a mix of qualitative and quantitative work and requires both structured and innovative thinking. It is not enough to have a solid quantitative analysis but also to show how it ties to the larger narrative and drives real impact.  

I have been able to learn a lot in a fast-paced environment, and it has sharpened my problem-solving skills – how to break down complicated problems and ability to think on the spot. I love that I am not being micromanaged and that I am able to build relevant skills on the job.  

The company’s effort towards the training and development of its staff is top-notch, and the feedback system in place has helped my professional growth.  

Reflecting on all of these and more, my experience so far has been simply amazing!  

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