My NextGen experience – Tomisin

My NextGen experience – Tomisin

Tomisin Adeyemi 1 2 scaled“I want to tell businesses what to do and get paid for it without leaving my house” was the answer I provided an ex-colleague when she asked what I would rather be doing. I was working a 9-5 in Finance, but I eagerly wanted to pivot into consulting. This desire became a reality when I received a message from a friend captioned “this is perfect for you” with the ad for the NextGen business analyst training program attached.

The recruitment process was straightforward and over a two-month period, I got to interact with various members of the team whilst being interviewed. I received an offer to be a part of the inaugural NextGen business analyst program shortly after.

I flew to Accra and training commenced on the 10th of February 2020. The training period was rigorous with a lot of engagements including but not limited to classroom case studies, presentations, team bonding exercises, Q&A sessions with African business leaders etc. This period was also accompanied with different emotions ranging from enthusiasm to exhilaration and even moments of anxiety.

The training begun before the lockdowns went into effect and we maximized the opportunity to have on-premise training, physically interact and engage with the core team which eased our integration into AFG culture. I had a lot of memorable moments as it was my first time visiting the city of Accra and food largely contributed to the experience for me being a budding food blogger. I remember the first time I ate Waakye and Kenkey with my colleagues and how everyone swore the Jollof from “Kanzo” was great which led to the first of many Jollof wars.

Beyond the training, the experience transitioning into consulting was intense as we had to work on real life projects where we got firsthand experience working across different industries from strategy developments to running feasibility studies and much more. I learned a great deal and I have had the opportunity to work alongside people with diverse experiences in the field. From the start of training till now, the program feels like a safe space where the team especially the core team is always open and available for support.

Our training was effective, but it served as a primer and I have had to learn a lot on the job as I progressed. Even when I dealt with impostor syndrome earlier in the program, I learnt how to strike a balance between acknowledging what I did not know and effectively applying what I knew with confidence.

The journey so far has been exciting, I adjusted to the remote freelance model employed in the last two quarters of the year and with how fast paced consulting is, I have learnt how to properly manage stress levels, burnout, angst and develop a healthy work-life balance.

Overall, I have seen marked growth in a lot of areas since I begun the program especially in effectual team communication, coherently presenting my ideas, research methods, and problem solving. I can say confidently that the NextGen journey and its experiences so far have been instrumental to my growth and development as a consultant and I am excited about the future.

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