Kristin, Mission Lead


Mission Lead

Independence is a critical value for me—an irreducible minimum for any context that I have a choice to participate in. Freelancing enables that independence by giving me the freedom to choose which roles I am keen to take, and which ones might not be the right fit for me.

Crucially too, freelancing allows me to choose the kinds of organisations and people I surround myself with. Work takes up such a huge chunk of our experience in the 21st century; I believe that I need to make “choice” or “freedom” an important part of that experience as well.

I find AFG’s approach to aggregating and managing expertise extremely refreshing. When I graduated from university, I figured I would be some sort of consultant because of my very diverse range of interests.

However, when I explored the landscape for opportunities, I could not find the kind of combination of skills development and flexibility I wanted out of my professional career. Enter AFG. And the rest is history.

I find that as long as I have the opportunity to challenge myself, contribute to others, and be recognised for my achievements, I feel good about my work. I am very committed to acquiring new skills and learning new things about the world.