William, Analyst



Freelancing for me is another avenue to build my interests, earn extra income and hone my skills in business advisory, research, and management consulting.  It is also a flexible way for me to work with other seasoned management consultants, share experiences and learn from each other.

Working as a freelancer has been an exciting challenge because I am able to project manage my time and continue learning to successfully balance the different projects and programs I am working on; a skill set I believe every professional needs to acquire!

AFG aims to build companies on the African continent to become global champions. I cannot stress enough how this mission statement aligns with my personal aspirations! This freelance role gives me the opportunity to live vicariously through AFG and provide support to local businesses in agribusiness, market research, and other areas.

As part of the AFG talent pool, I have had the opportunity to work on missions that explore business strategy, research, and implementation. The teams I have worked with during my engagements have been exceptional, and the work culture allows for honest feedback and deadline discipline which are two values I appreciate.