Key Expert

I have had the opportunity to be a key expert in 5 missions undertaken by AFG. I have been encouraged by the passion and mutual respect within the teams.

In all these missions I pride myself that I have contributed to improving the lot of the smallholder farmers who have been the target beneficiaries in my entire career as a research and development person. I feel good that my contributions to AFG missions are recognised by AFG and its clients. I am committed to acquiring new skills to serve AFG better.

Freelancing allows for greater independence over a job. You are able to choose which job to be part of, what role to play and for what period. As a public servant, it allowed me to work part-time or off business hours and gives me the opportunity to generate extra income to supplement my salary.

I am one of the first and oldest consultants to work on AFG’s missions. My first mission with AFG was in 2016. The professionalism and respect shown towards me during that mission was exceptional and made me fall in love with the company. I am greatly motivated by the passion, dedication to duty and innovativeness which are among the core values of AFG.