Get the right research insights from teams that are on the ground.

AFG teams are true champions in finding information for you and aggregating it into relevant analysis that you
can use to make good decisions. We will always go the extra mile.

Market and sector studies

We are excited to have one of our AFG teams collaborate with you on developing a comprehensive research report that delivers accurate market sizing, industry trends and more.

Example of work AFG has done

Built a comprehensive study about the healthcare industry in Africa and estimated what amount of financing is required to achieve full access to primary care for all Africans.

Primary data collection

You can hire an AFG team to collect information for you through enumerators we deploy in local areas or nation-wide, carry out focus groups and set up online surveys leveraging social media.

Example of work AFG has done

Conducted large data collection on crop yields of Ghanaian rice farmers to understand if the application of good agricultural best practices results in higher farmer income.

Opportunity scouting

Collaborate with an AFG team to find opportunities for your business, be it business partners, investment targets or collecting information you need to decide about a new market entry.

Example of work AFG has done

Supported an impact investment fund from the US in identifying suitable targets that have advanced their financing rounds to at least Series-C and profiled the targets prior to first outreach