Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Make your stakeholders your partners with our support.

AFG teams are people who understand the importance of building and maintaining
relationships to advance your business never underestimate the importance of valuing your partners.

Building pitch decks

Get support from an AFG team in building the right story for your next fundraise. We believe in the stories of our clients and know how to get them from good to great to yield results

Example of work AFG has done

Built a pitch deck for a large agri-processing business in Ghana to prepare its full acquisition by external investors and made introductions to potential buyers.

Holding stakeholder events

Engage an AFG team to organize your next event or dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that you build the right agenda and experience. Our teams offer end-to-end support for event hosting.

Example of work AFG has done

Hosted a large stakeholder dialogue for an agricultural development institution with more than 200 attendees to discuss the closer integration of value chains in Nigeria.

Employee surveys

Hire an AFG team to engage your most important stakeholders: your staff. We can help to explore your current organization culture in preparation for change.

Example of work AFG has done

Conducted organizational health assessments across tech ventures from different geographies across Africa to understand culture in startups across the continent