Build strategies that matter and drive real value.

AFG teams combine local expertise and access to state-of-the-art strategy knowledge
of our Firm to create strategies that are sustainable and execution-friendly

Market-entry strategy

Collaborate with an AFG team to explore new markets (geographies, products or target groups) and benefit from our bespoke ability to combine strategy and research.

Example of work AFG has done

Built strategic options for the market-entry of a South African school chain business into a new market and led the decision-making process with the top management team to settle on the most suitable option.

Organisational transformation

Hire an AFG team to formulate your strategy plan and translate it into the right organizational structure and processes with you.

Example of work AFG has done

Created a 10-year strategy for the consolidation of a leading Ghanaian family business group, then developed the processes and organizational structure for the entire holding,

Value creation strategy

Leverage an AFG team to define strategic and human capital approaches that can be adopted across your investment portfolio to drive shareholder value.

Example of work AFG has done

Carried out an audit of the portfolio of an Africa-wide venture capital fund and developed toolkits for the investees to drive value creation focused on strategy, human capital and implementation.

Route-to-market design

AFG teams can support you in transforming your nation-wide distribution footprint to boost sales and margins.

Example of work AFG has done

Built route-to-market assessment and strategy for an Ivorian business in the agriculture sector to improve distribution; included execution of a nation-wide outlet survey to verify growth opportunity for the company.

Business turnaround

Get support from an AFG team to build a path to profitability for your business by optimizing revenue and cost structures.

Example of work AFG has done

Built a strategic plan for an African manufacturer of household equipment to switch from B2B to B2C distribution and estimated fundraising need to prepare equity investment round.

Due-diligence support

Work with an AFG team to commercially investigate investment opportunities before making a funding decision.

Example of work AFG has done

Ran due diligence on an Ethiopian company in the FMCG sector to verify market demand for its products and developed comprehensive assessment of proposed expansion strategy.