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What is freelancing?

Freelancing means completing work for an organization on a contractual basis, i.e. without being employed full-time. The freelancer is self-employed and measured by the deliverables agreed in the contract and receives payment on a milestone basis.

Why does it matter?

Freelancing has a significant upside for the freelancer because of more flexibility with regards to when/where work is delivered. It also gives more flexibility to organizations since they only pay for the freelancer when they need his/her capacity.

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Why Africa

Global companies of tomorrow

Africa is home to numerous companies with the potential to become global corporations if the right talent is nurtured and leveraged to grow and expand.

Our freelancers love working in Africa. Any AFG team will always go the extra mile and work the extra hour to see our clients succeed.

At AFG, we believe in your potential to advance our continent and will work hard to realize it with you.

Global talent of tomorrow

Africa is home to the largest untapped source of bright young talent in the world – it is the biggest source of wealth for our continent and currently underutilized.

We know that African talent can solve the challenges of corporations around the world and deliver top quality results.

Our long-term goal is to support businesses around the world with consulting talent from Africa.